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Bullet  EWK-D(A) - Low Noise Cooling Tower


NEVER HEARD OF - The new EWK-D(A) no noise tower?
no surprise, neither could the noise measuring expert during the official noise measuring session.

  • Low height, can easily fit in the existing plant room
  • Easy access for service of fan/motor assembly at floor level - no need for access ladder
  • Low noise due to double inlet centrifugal fans with forward curved blades. / (no noisy axial "propeller" fans) Further noise reduction is possible with tailor made sound attenuators (EWK-DA execution).
  • Totally corrosion-proof and waterproof fibreglass reinforced polyester case. (6 years casing warranty).
  • The fan/motor assembly on the air intake side of the cooling tower is not exposed to the humid exhaust air.
  • Quick and simple installation. The cooling tower is delivered to site completely factory assembled - No site assembly is required.
  • The flat tower top has a pleasing architectural appearance.
  • The tower base design includes an integrated support frame, which allows for installation on simple foundation such as concrete slab or platform, without the need for structural steel support. (The frame can be made to suit existing supports.)
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