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Bullet  MODUPOL - Modular Cooling Tower


Modular high performance Cooling Tower

  • Modular design for easy shipment and installation.
  • German Design and Australian Manufactured by SUPERCHILL.
  • Counter flow efficient cooling towers with low power consumption.
  • FRP Cooling Towers have a longer lifetime than wood or steel towers (FRP does not rot or corrode).
  • FRP towers have a smooth wall finish. This reduces the growth of Legionella and other bacteria. Therefore fewer chemicals are needed for fighting bacteria.
  • MODUPOLŪ FRP cooling towers have very efficient, double thick insert air inlet louvres, built with state of the art honeycomb type PP. Due to the block-out of sunlight, (as per Australian standard), the growth of algae is reduced; hence bacteria growth is also reduced. Easy to maintain.
  • MODUPOLŪ FRP towers are of proven AXIMA / (former SULZER ESCHER WYSS) design, with guaranteed performance.
  • MODUPOLŪ erection is quick due to pre-assembled modules delivered to site, and therefore the effect of site hold up and risk of injuiry are minimal.
  • FRP cooling towers, manufactured in fire retardant FRP (optional) are not a fire hazard.


Technical Details

Modupol 2100 6100 Drawing

Modupol 4200 12200

Modupol 2100 6100 with Integrated Basin Drawing

Modupol 4200 12200 Integrated Basin with Drawing

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