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Superchill Australia Pty Ltd was formed in October 1997 on the basis of the former Sulzer Australia Cooling Tower division and it is Quality approved to ISO 9001. As a dedicated Cooling Tower company, Superchill manufactures the Sulzer Escher Wyss cooling towers in Australia for the local market as well as itís own SC Cooling tower range.

In our fully equipped manufacturing facility in Dandenong (Victoria), all cooling towers are manufactured in-house according to the high level required by Australian and international standards.

With many years of experience and a strong backup form the Sulzer Escher Wyss cooling tower experts, our competence in this field is unsurpassed in Australia.

We manufacture the best cooling towers you can buy for your money.

SUPERCHILL also manufactures Bulk Air Coolers for Industrial Air Conditioning requirements.

Having well trained and experienced engineering and manufacturing staff, Superchill offers full engineering support in the selection of new cooling towers together with installation and after sales service.

We are members of CTI, AIRAH, and ASHRE.


To supply our customers with the most economical cooling tower for their application and a technical competent backup.

CTI Airah


The World's leading Cooling Tower centre in Germany.


Axima, former Sulzer-Escher Wyss GmbH has been developing and manufacturing cooling towers since 1957. The reason for its success is that individually engineered solutions are offered for all the customer's requirements.

Axima's research and development division also ensures the transformation of technical and scientific knowledge into customer friendly products and services.

More than 500 people are employed in the planning, design, manufacturing, sales and servicing of refrigeration plants, refrigeration units and cooling towers.

Axima has the reputation to build the finest Cooling Towers in Germany. During more than 40 years of experience with cooling towers, they have proven to be at the leading edge of technology. Their ongoing success in the German home market, with some of the most delicate customers like BMW, Mercedes etc, reflects their quality and technology standard.

Axima has branches or agents in every region around the world and offers them constant technical support and provides with new development information.

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